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Posted on: July 28th, 2012 by feyadmin

Equality Families

Roxanne, Dwight, Brent, Hudson, N.C.

Each day, somewhere in the country, a young person has a conversation with his or her family about their sexual orientation. We know that for all involved, this can be a difficult conversation, and that the moments and days that follow are vitally important.

This is especially true for parents who are searching for support and answers. Sometimes, just knowing that there are others out there who have had that same conversation can provide comfort.

If you have had this experience, you can play an important role by helping these parents and others know that there are literally thousands of families who have been there and have continued to embrace their teen or young adult in the same loving and understanding way as they had prior to that talk. Families that have faced the confusion and fear that accompanies such a conversation.  Families that have grown to understand that their child being gay in no way impedes their potential or the wonderful future that all parents seek for their children.

You can let these parents and other loved ones see what the face of equality within real families looks like by simply sharing a family photograph. Our goal is to show showcase as many equality families as we can – wherever they exist and in each and every community big or small.

Snap a current photo or email one you already have to

Please include the first names of the those pictured and the community in which you live.

Do you also realize there is a real chance that a neighboring family is having that conversation today or perhaps soon? Those parents certainly would derive comfort if they could correspond with an Equality Family such as yours. So as one who understands the anxiety that can accompany such a conversation,  if you would like to make yourself available to correspond with a parent that may be searching for answers, simply include an email address along with your photograph as shown in the example here.  Your voice could make a difference.


Ways You Can Help Promote Faith in Equality

Social media can be a wonderful tool in helping get important information out to our individual communities, our family members, friends, churches, elected officials and others. Here are a few ways you can share the Faith in Equality website.

  • Do you have a teenager in middle school or high school? Perhaps you know a friend, family member or co-worker who have children in middle school or high school. Maybe you know individuals who work in the public education system at those grade levels. Meet with a member of the school’s guidance counseling staff and share with these professionals the Faith in Equality website. Maybe take along a copy of Youth in Crisis or a copy of another resource from the site.
  • Do you know a friend, family member or co-worker whose church teaching promotes an attitude of rejection and condemnation? Ask that person if he or she will share the Faith in Equality web site with the pastor. Perhaps ask them to give the pastor one of the books recommended as resource from the site.
  • Share the Faith in Equality website with churches in your community and let them know that you are presenting it as a resource.
  • Post a Faith in Equality link or one of our updates on your favorite blogs.
  • Share the website with 10 of your friends and personally ask them to subscribe to to learn more about our work and to stay abreast of updates.