There’s nothing wrong with you

Posted on: September 11th, 2012 by feyadmin


Medical sciences agree…it’s not a matter of choice.

Imagine going to your physician, someone with whom you literally trust your life, and telling him about some unusual aches and pains you’ve been fretting over recently.

Imagine your relief when your physician tells you not to worry – it’s just some aging symptoms common to most everyone – because there’s nothing wrong with you.Read more.

The mechanisms for the development of a particular sexual orientation remain unclear, but the current literature and most scholars in the field state that one’s sexual orientation is not a choice.
American Academy of Pediatrics

Conservative evangelical leader: It is not a choice.

At the 2011 Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, a pastor from Georgia stood up to ask a very pointed question to the guest speaker, who was conservative evangelical leader Albert Mohler, also a leader in the Southern Baptist denomination. The pastor from Georgia had read an article in which referenced sexual orientation as being something other than a "lifestyle choice." The answer Mohler gave in the article was deeply unsettling to the pastor, as you will see in this exchange. Pay close attention to Mohler's response.