About Us

Posted on: July 28th, 2012 by feyadmin

The Faith in Equality website exists as a provider of information and resource materials to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth and their families who are seeking to overcome the stigma and misunderstanding that can negatively impact the emotional, psychological as well as spiritual well-being of both youth and those around them.

A young person growing up in America faces a world of possibilities. It should be a time of celebration, filled with hope and wonder. Unfortunately in some cases, a young gay person faces fear, challenges, obstacles and confusion. It shouldn’t be that way. But more often than not, being gay presents one or more of these difficulties.

While gay people can and do lead very normal and fulfilled lives, there is a history of stigma and hostility toward gay people in our society and across the world. Often, such negative and hurtful attitudes are rooted in traditional religious teachings about sexual orientation. These teachings have helped create a social climate in which many people simply do not understand how hurtful it is when a religious or moral stamp of disapproval is placed on a person’s life.

Many children, as well as adults who remember their own childhood, can relate to how painful it is to be made to feel inferior because of a number of reasons – the way we dress, physical appearance, economic status or some other reason.

However, in almost all these cases there is never a stamp of approval given to such mistreatment of others. In fact, just the opposite is true. Most everyone would agree that looking down upon someone for such reasons is simply not the way we want to treat others, and reflects the opposite of the good character we hope to instill in ourselves.

That certainly should hold true for persons of faith as almost all authentic religions uplift the goals of expressing love, compassion and respect for those around us. Read More.