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Posted on: October 9th, 2012 by feyadmin

When we look around us today at some of the hostility and hurtful words and actions that are directed at gay and lesbian individuals, it is hard to find genuine love, compassion and respect. And we must admit that so much of the stigma and misunderstanding is justified and promoted by individuals and groups in our society that want to label same-gender orientation as a sinful and immoral lifestyle choice.

This has created a social climate in which even parents sometimes voice rejection toward their own children, sometimes consciously but many times unconsciously.

It makes it all the worse for gay and lesbian individuals, but especially youth, when they are made to feel such rejection is okay with the God of their faith.

That is extremely hurtful to a young person – emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Research has shown that a child, rejected by his or her family, is at a high risk of severe depression and suicide — especially when the rejection is couched in religious terms.

Our society, our parents, our families and our friends can no longer accept such harmful influences to be exacted upon our youth.

More and more Americans are coming to realize that for far too long we have allowed innocent young people to suffer great harm at the hand of certain religious teaching that works to put that stamp of religious and moral disapproval on their very being.

This website seeks to be a comfortable home for those who want to learn more about this sometimes challenging subject. At Faith in Equality, you will find a myriad of voices, straight and gay, who have come to understand that it is no longer good enough to just accept our gay and lesbian family members and friends. As people of faith, we must embrace them so that they know we are afforded them the full human dignity and equality our hearts are telling us they deserve.