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People of faith are awakening to the realization and understanding that faith communities cannot in allegiance to their core faith principles of love, compassion and respect hold attitudes of prejudice and hostility toward individuals based solely on a person’s sexual orientation.

That could not be less important to gay and lesbian youth who often find themselves in a horrible vise-like grip of being made to feel that they should be ashamed of their sexual orientation – something they know in the depths of their soul they can’t change while fearing parental and societal rejection if they don’t.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Kids should never be oppressed to the point of suicide or even considering it. Parents should not experience the loss of a beautiful child because of a religious perspective comprised of misunderstanding and misinformation. That is simply a moral failure of our society and its institutions.

We hope you will visit FaithinAmerica.org to learn more about the organization and join others in this important work.

We want to offer a very special thanks to our volunteers and spokespersons who have helped offer Faith in Equality as a resource for others. Those include Jimmy Creech, Rev. Susan Smith, Rev. Jack McKinney, Rev. Reggie Longcrier, Rev. Anthony Spearman, Jim Green, Rev. Julie Peoples, Rev. Michael Usey. A very special thanks to Jane Clementi for gracing this project with her inspirational voice.

We also want to thank a number of foundations and individuals who have helped bring the Faith in Equality social environment to fruition. Those include The Coil Foundation, The Schaefer Foundation, The Danielson Foundation, The Bastian Foundation, Peter Drake, Tipper Gore, Dave and Ruth Waterbury, Garry Kief, Bob Williamson, Stephen Heavner, William Stanback, Bob Page, Dale Fredrikson, the Faith in America Board of Directors and all those contributors who offer their financial support to further Faith in America’s mission.

A most special thanks to Mitchell Gold, founder of Faith in America, who in 2005 put in place his vision that Faith in Equality must not be on opposite sides of any spectrum, whether religious, political or societal.

And finally, thanks to the many wonderful organizations and individuals who today are working to amplify a single voice of Faith in Equality.

Please stay tuned because the voices of faith ad equality have grown endless and we will be regularly sharing many of them at this site.