You can empower and inspire others your individual expression through the creative arts

Posted on: October 4th, 2012 by feyadmin

If you are a young gay or lesbian person who would enjoy sharing your individual expression through the creative arts, we’d like to invite you to share a video of those expressions with others who visit at Faith and Equality.

The creative arts – whether drawing, painting, sculpture, drama, dance, music, and so on – are a great way to create something special that you can share with others.

Most of all, your individual expression can inspire others to express themselves through the creative arts. And as you already know, using the creative arts can be a great experience, whether to relieve stress or just have some fun. Plus, your individual contribution may help someone get their mind off a particular negative thought or emotion and uplift them through your video of your monologue, poem, song or instrument playing.

There are many different ways in which you can share your creative expressions at this site.

It could be as simple as writing a short essay about a topic of your choosing and make a video of yourself reading it as a monologue to share with others. Or it doesn’t have to be an essay. Your could put your thoughts in the form of a poem or a song.

Don’t want to write, play an instrument or sing a song, try making a collage. How about photography or creating a funny video of your pet.

Your own choice might be something different – maybe dancing or sculpting.

One of the most important – and enjoyable – aspects of taking part in anything related to the arts is the social connections you make.
Enjoying the process of art-making with others in a shared project or coming together even as you work on individual pieces engenders not only friendship, but the invaluable experience of teaching others and learning from them!

Art is not purely meant to be made in isolation, but shared with people!

Maybe you belong to arts club and would want to make a video with fellow art club members.

The possibilities are really endless.

Remember art is simply a way of expressing yourself, so choose a form of expression that you feel comfortable with!

So join us here at the Faith in Equality site and share a video of your individual expression through the creative arts. It could touch the life of someone in a positive and meaningful way.

When you are ready to submit your contribution, send us an email at and we will send you information on how to upload the video.